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battery clock Pro

1.79 usd

★ There seems to be a case update does not work. In that case, please uninstall and reinstall once.Deluxe Edition app is "Battery Clock β" digital table clock.In the beta version will provide you the functionality you can not see, and cool design.
+ Functions can be set for the next beta version.Alarm functions (repeat, alarm sound selection, volume, vibration, smooth)• Can change text color in the color picker-You can change the shadow color in the color picker• Can change the background color of the part in the color picker clock• Can change the background color in the color picker• Can change the color of the filter in the color pickerSeparated from all the 11 kinds of filters and a cool background from(Tile, horizontal line, vertical line, shading, blind, clouds, up and down 3D, 3D, left and right 3D, light, brick)Contrast function that can adjust the brightness of the screen by clicking the icon: Setup "" flashes